Social Impact Advisory Board

luke apicella 1 - Center Creek Social Impact Advisory Board

Luke Apicella

Luke Apicella has spent his entire career as an impact investor and specializes in affordable housing and sustainable infrastructure. In his work on the real assets team for Prudential’s Impact and Responsible Investing unit, he originates and manages investments for Prudential’s $1 billion impact portfolio. Apicella serves on the boards and/or committees for several portfolio companies including a Real Estate Investment Trust, a Community Development Finance Institution, and a local start-up. Apicella has degrees in sustainability management from Columbia University (MS), finance from New York University (MBA), and entrepreneurship from Syracuse University (BS).

centercreekcapital advisory Michael Berman - Center Creek Social Impact Advisory Board

Michael Berman

Michael Berman is the President and CEO of M&T Realty Capital Corporation, a national lender/servicer for multifamily and commercial real estate. He was the founder of Michael Berman Consulting, providing advisory services to the real estate finance industry. He previously served as a Fellow at the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies and at Wharton at the Penn Institute for Urban Research. Berman served on the Board of Directors for Enterprise Community Investments, and he served as a Senior Advisor at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Berman was the founder and was President and CEO of CWCapital.

phyllis caldwell - Center Creek Social Impact Advisory Board

Phyllis Caldwell

Phyllis Caldwell is the owner of Wroxton Civic Ventures, which offers advisory services in the areas of housing, community development and financial inclusion. She is currently Board Chair of Ocwen Financial Corporation, and also serves on the boards of City First Bank of DC and Enterprise Community Partners.

Caldwell was Chief of the Homeownership Preservation Office at the US Department of Treasury from 2009-2011. She previously served as President of Community Development Banking for Bank of America and was a Member of the Community Development Advisory Committee for the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Virginia.

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Nicolas P. Retsinas

Nicolas Retsinas is the Director Emeritus at Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Responsible Lending. Retsinas is also the Chairman of the Providence Housing Authority and the Rhode Island Housing and Mortgage Finance Corporation.

Retsinas is the former Federal Housing Commissioner and Assistant Secretary for the US Department OF Housing and Urban Development and Director of the Office of Thrift Supervision. He also served as a Member of the FDIC, Freddie Mac Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, National Housing Endowment and Enterprise Community Partners Boards. Retsinas is a past chair of Habitat for Humanity International.