A scalable approach to addressing the affordable housing crisis, one family at a time.

Center Creek Capital Group is generating deep, scalable impact to address the country’s affordable housing crisis – transforming families, communities, and society, one home at a time.

Our Affordable Housing Impact Investment and Creative Housing Development strategies produce positive real-world outcomes at a range of levels, offering investors the opportunity to generate competitive financial returns while creating lasting change.


We enable families to rent in neighborhoods where they likely could not afford to buy, offering residents the feeling that their rental is truly a “home.”

Center Creek’s typical home has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1500 square feet of living space, a yard, and off-street parking – far more space than families get in a typical affordable apartment unit.

We offer a suite of programs and support services – including financial literacy training, credit counseling, small business and entrepreneurship support and our unique Pathway to Homeownership program – that open the door of opportunity to economic inclusion.


Each home we renovate as part of our Affordable Housing Impact Investment strategy is transformed from a distressed property into an anchor that helps stabilize the neighborhood.

Each home we build as part of our Creative Housing Development strategy fills vacant land, thus addressing blight and adding to neighborhood vibrancy and texture.

Both of our strategies provide quality living opportunities to family and support stronger and more cohesive communities.


The crisis in affordable housing is fundamentally about tight supply. Center Creek both preserves and improves existing housing and develops new properties to expand the housing stock.

Most of our investments are directed to majority-minority neighborhoods that have traditionally been underserved and underinvested.

Most of our rental residents are minoritized populations, for whom Center Creek’s quality, affordable homes offer opportunities that promote racial equity.

Our robust wrap-around services – including credit counseling, financial literacy training, small business support, a 2:1 savings match toward home down payments, and our Pathway to Homeownership program – support broader economic inclusion across society.

“Center Creek is adding significant value to adjacent properties and neighborhoods by reversing the blight imposed by vacant land and idiosyncratic, often dilapidated buildings. Similarly, creating street-facing homes on otherwise bare side streets makes neighborhoods safer. The impact is likely to be detectable in tax assessments of nearby properties.

By filling gaps and replacing decayed properties, Center Creek helps a neighborhood to smile again. The analogy applies both to the narrow houses in modest neighborhoods and the large homes in upscale neighborhoods. This is Center Creek’s value-adding specialist niche, as every step – including on-site construction – has to be tailored to a setting quite different from building tract homes.”

Reflections from a Center Creek Capital Group Investor

Creative Housing Development strategy