Innovative Investments in Housing and Development Solutions

Center Creek Capital Group is a mission-oriented housing investment and development leader, generating value for our investors and transforming the lives of families in our homes.

We allocate capital across the southeastern United States, along two primary investment strategies: Affordable Housing Impact Investments & Creative Housing Development.

Affordable Housing Impact Investments:
Preserving affordability. Building value. Transforming lives.

Our Affordable Housing Impact strategy is pioneering a market-driven approach to address the affordable housing crisis – one family at a time.

We preserve and rehabilitate homes in underserved communities, committing our properties to long-term affordability and delivering value for investors looking to make impact at scale. Our single-family rental homes for low- and moderate-income families transform lives.

We are unlocking the door to opportunity.

Creative Housing Development:
Committed to delivering homes people love.

Center Brook Homes, our Creative Housing Development strategy focuses on thoughtful, high-quality infill home development.

With creative design and innovative land use, we construct high-quality homes that are affordable to a range of buyers, including those purchasing their very first home.

We build homes that people love in places that people love to be.